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A blend of natures best ingredients.
Plantago Major reduces inflammation and eases pain. It may promote wound healing.
Calendula Officinials for its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and soothing effects on the skin.
Arctium Lappa Root helps to reduce inflammation and joint pain. Urtica Dioica helps to accelerate the healing process of wounds and burns. It also helps with skin allergies and aids to relieve joint pain. An extra benefit of using this herb is that it helps with bug bites such as bee stings. Heliianthus Annuus (Sunflower seed oil) Sunflower seed oil has inflammatory properties that help lower skin redness and roughness. Olea Europaea (Extra virgin olive oil) to hydrate the skin. The fragrance is pure essential oil and other ingredients. 




Apply moil to skin and massage thoroughly for best results. Wipe excess oil off skin to prevent slipping or staining clothes.

Eden Extra Strength Oil

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