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Ailed Nieves Ceo

Hello my name is Ailed and I am the CEO and founder of It Really Works Soaps and Salves Holistic Spa and my goal is to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle and to be proactive in your own health care decisions. Let me start by telling you a little bit of my story. In 2010  I started getting seizures and I did not know what was happening to me. Initially the doctors thought I was having a stroke because my entire left side went numb and I could not speak or move. After some scans and a work up I was told I had complicated migraines. However they could not explain the seizures. My doctor at the time thought I was being dramatic and only wanted attention so he decided to discharge me from his practice. Shame on him. Thankfully I found another doctor who was willing to listen in 2012. In 2014 I was carrying my son who is now 7 yrs old and because I was still having seizures I was sent to a neurologist by my family doctor. Nothing could be done at the time because I was pregnant and the only thing I was given was Tylenol with codeine.  At this point I was very concerned because of the side effects to my unborn child. So I suffered through it. At 5 months pregnant I started 

Medical Prescription
1500 milligram cbd pure oil drops

receiving weekly injections to make sure I stayed pregnant until 2 weeks before my due date.  I only took the Tylenol when I could not take it anymore. With every seizure I had I started to loose some of my memories. I would often find myself confused without being able to remember things. I finally gave birth to my son and continued to see the neurologist and taking the medicine he gave me. I was never able to get Ct or MRI because everything was taking so long and eventually he retired and I was pregnant again with my last child who is now 5 yrs old. Lets skip ahead to 2017 where I was sent to yet another neurologist who sent me to get a ton of testing done. Finally I had a diagnosis after waiting so many years. It turns out I was born with Arnold Chiari Malformation of the brain type 1 and in 2010 I had the onset of it. Apparently because its rare its not something doctors look for. The seizures were puzzling since its not something that happens with Chiari. I think it took another year before I received my second diagnosis for Conversion Disorder. Conversion Disorder is caused by constant stress, depression, anxiety and feeling over whelmed. When people do not have a way to release or get relief it can turn into an illness. Have you ever heard someone say "stress kills?" Its very true because it almost killed me. This condition if not treated could have severely damaged my brain or caused death. I was taking so many different pills and although they helped I still had seizures but not as often. In 2019 I came across someone who was promoting CBD and at first I was skeptical. After doing my own research I decided to try it and I must say it is now 2021 and I have not had a single seizure. The only thing I get now is nerve injections on the back of my head. I no longer take 5 different medications. I am so joyful and blessed and its all documented on my medical record. If your doctor refuses to listen go find another one who will. For a while the doctors had me thinking that it was all in my head but not so. Your body will tell you when there is something wrong and that is what you should listen to. Do your research on all the medicine that you take if you take any. Find out the side effects protect your body because its the only one you have. I'm not saying all doctors are bad but realistically some only become doctors for the pay and some loose their good bedside manners. They forget that you know your body more than they do.

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Our mission is too help educate others on pain management and how to be proactive in your own health. You are your best advocate. To live healthy the way nature intended it to be. Only using what the earth provides for us every day. Learn how to use herbs, fruits, vegetables, and medicinal plants to keep your body healthy. Sustainability  is a way of life and part of our mission is to provide herbal remedies and bath and body products that are organically cultivated. Our mission is to make the planet a safer, greener place putting people  and their health first.

pictures of the family greenhouse
rosmary plant


 It Really Works built our first Family Greenhouse right in our basement and outdoors in 2018. The photo you see to your right top half are pictures of the Family Greenhouse. We also built an aquaponics system with blue gill fish. We were able to grow successful crops although with many challenges as first time farmers. Our vision is to self sustain the business by growing what is needed. To create a place of peace and serenity. A place where you can unwind and get rid of stress and the anxieties of life. A safe haven where you can walk through fields of flowers and trees all used for medicine. The ultimate garden where every thing planted will be used for food and medicine. 

The spa will use its own manufactured products. Visitors will be able to enjoy outdoor activities such as purchasing fresh fruits, veggies, supplements, handmade health and beauty products, swimming in a natural spring, full body massages, salt cave therapy, facials, pedicures, yoga and meditation classes and so much. We all need a getaway spot away from day to day routines. A place where you can enjoy clean food without the added hormones and antibiotics that are added to commercially manufactured food.

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