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Using dead sea salt is an awesome way of brightening the skin and giving it a natural youthful appearance. 


Here are some benefits of using dead sea salt: 

• It is more effective in cleaning and exfoliating the skin as compared to most soap products.

• It gets rid of toxins from the skin and helps with good blood circulation.

• It gets rid of dead skin cells, cleans skin pores and helps with skin regeneration.

• It helps firm up skin tissues and strengthens these against infections.

• It helps eliminate aches and body pains, making the body more relaxed.

• It helps in treating skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis and lessens inflammation of dry skin.

• It helps relieve muscle tension, lessens stress and anxiety.

Overall the good benefits of using Dead Sea salts lead to more rejuvenated and healthy looking skin.


Use a wooden spoon (provided) to scoop the salt and place it in a dish before you start your shower. Be careful not to allow water in the jar because it may cause the product to go rancid. 

Helianthus Annuus, Maris Sal, and Fragrance oil.

Dead Sea Salt Scrub

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