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The Aching Muscle Salve is a must-have product for anyone looking for natural relief from muscle pain. Its unique blend of natural ingredients works wonders in soothing and comforting sore muscles. Whether you've had a long day at work or just finished an intense workout, this salve is the perfect way to ease any discomfort or pain. By applying it to the affected areas, you'll experience a combination of pressure, aroma, and motion that helps to relieve pain and promote relaxation. Say goodbye to aching muscles with this incredible salve



Apply to aching muscles and massage into the skin up to 3x per day. Caution may stain your clothes. make sure you wipe excess oil off you feet to prevent slipping and falls. For best results use after a shower and before bedtime. This little guy will surely help you fall asleep. External use only. keep in a cool area. Too much hit will melt the salve and may become less effective.



Olea europaea fruit oil, lavendula angustifolia, camomilla rectita, eucalyptus, and other ingredients.

Aching Muscle Salve

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