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Pink Himalayan salt scrubs are great for exfoliating dead skin. This fine salt opens clogged pores and combats acne and other blemishes. By removing dead skin cells, it exposes fresh skin and allows oils, moisturizers and other skin treatments to absorb more readily. 

Why this salt is extremely beneficial for human health? It is because of the fact that all the 84 minerals in Himalayan salt and other trace elements are already present in the human body.

This salt scrub is not emulsified which means that there are no preservatives present. 


Use a wooden spoon (provided) to scoop the salt and place it in a dish before you start your shower. Be careful not to allow water in the jar because it may cause the product to go rancid. 

Helianthus Annuus, Mineral Halite, Fragrance Pink Sugar

Himalayan Salt Scrub

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